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Best Peruvianus seed is not from Karel Knize
(above) these are 8 month old Peruvianus. The seed was purchased from a European source. For 2007 I wanted to start thousands more plants from an authentic Peruvian strain.

(below) My dream came true! Look at this perfect germination of an authentic Peruvianus strain direct from Peru.
(above and below) Excellent germination from a new Peruvian seed source for Trichocereus Peruvianus.
(above) That is how seed is supposed to germinate.

(Above left) Seed purchased in July, 2007, from a new Peruvian source showed excellent germination! (above right) is zero germination of KK242.

Unfortunately Karel Knize, long thought to be the only Peruvian seed source, took months to ship orders after first cashing my payment. They only arrived because numerous letters and emails made it clear I would not go away until seed was shipped. Knize may have once been an acceptable source but both my 2006 and 2007 orders were far more trouble than they were worth.

The second germination attempt of KK242 and KK339 seed purchased in 2007 from Knize is shown here. Make your own decisions. Mine was to find a new supplier.

Karel Knize: KK242 & KK339 = zero germination
Above right is his KK242 that had zero germination in 2-separate tests.

At right is KK339 that also had zero germination in 2-separate tests.

So, if you want to send me any more hate email about what a wonderful guy Knize is...and you want to rant that I don't know how to germinate seed...its your dime.

I have been an organic farmer for 20 years. As such I know the difference between good seed and worthless seed. Knize, in my experience, has proven to be totally unreliable.

Knize has not apologized for his poor service or "made good" on his bad seed.


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