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Posted June, 2006
Sacred Geometry
Nick Johnson sent this image titled Flower of life & San Pedro.
Posted May, 2006
My collection of Golden Torch, Peruvian Torches, Bridgesii, San Pedro, etc.
Posted March, 2006
A home greenhouse
Here is my lil green house there are over thirty five various species,10+ are trichos, and several tricho hybrids. I especially like the species bridgesii (langenformis) and have five or six varietals of this species. Most of my plants are small as I cut them and rerooted many cuttings this year. I did save a couple Juul's giant without cutting them in hopes of flowers and seed, hope ya like

Posted January 14, 2006
Norm's photos from Peru
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Posted: November, 2005
These are the tips I bought from you November 2004.
These are the tips I bought from you November 2004. I cut the original tips about 4 inches above the soil level. The stumps have produced multiple baby pups in 2 months. The original tips are rooted again now and have grown 6 more inches. I plan on doing the same thing again in April.

It is incredible how easy they are to grow. Notice the two largest plants on the left side of picture. I left them alone just to see how tall they might get.

The four small "torch cactus" front left are the 2 inchers I got from you 3 months ago.

Thanks Again From- Tejas San Pedro's

July 23, 2005
Hi Verne,

Hope you've been doing well. I'm attaching some photos showing progress of one of your babies.

planted_pedro_01 shows the top of that long log I bought from you. I cut it into three pieces, and this photo shows the top piece planted as a "log" in a spot that receives mostly shade. This was budding when you shipped it to me but the bud had roughly the diameter of a nickel back then. It's a lot bigger now. ;) I don't think it's rooted yet (been planted for about 3 weeks) but I haven't wanted to disturb it to check.

potted_pedro_02 shows another piece of that same log, but it was potted with perlite and garden soil (got great soil here at my new house in California.) I've got some organic compost on order and I'll dig out some soil and replace it with the o-comp when it arrives. My cut is visible on top and you can see a new pup has appeared.

potted_pedro_01 is actually not one of yours; this is also an ebay aquisition. Just sharing it because it's done so well in such a short time. I had originally intended to cut this one in half, but I had it stored flat in a dark place, and when I checked it one day I found it was already putting out roots on the opposite end of the column from where the pups were. (I think it was tricked by the piece of artificial turf I'd rested it upon.) So even though that column was something like 16" long, I just potted the whole thing.

The middle piece from that log I bought from you is still not planted, and it shows no pups or roots, but I will probably plant it this weekend in a pot and see how it does.

So thanks for all your growing tips on your website. I just bought one of your nice mature columns on eBay. I figured that this gorgeous specimen would give me a nice head start for putting a T. Pachanoi plant in one of the sunnier locations on my property... since it's rooted I will just dig a nice big hole and get it into the ground as soon as it arrives.

Talk to you later,

June, 2005

In the photo I am measuring with my fingers about 5 inches of new growth last three months

They sat dormant in the garage all winter. Now you can see the color change at top indicating new growth
An ebay collector on the East Coast sent this photo. June, 2005.

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