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Cereus Peruvianus is not Trichocereus Peruvianus
Cereus Peruvianus is a garden store ornamental cactus that produces an excellent fruit which is sold commercially. It is farmed for the "Peruvian apple" that is sort of like Kiwi.

Many cactus produce edible fruit; but not San Pedro and Trichocereus. They only produce a seed container without a tasty fruit. Trust me; if they had fruit I'd eat them! I do grow and harvest edible cactus fruit, just not from San Pedro/ Peruvian Torch.

Ignorant or unscrupulous sellers have called this "Peruvianus" and even "San Pedro". I have seen San Pedro customers buy it and leave positive feedback to the seller thinking they got a great price on Trichocereus Peruvianus. By comparison Cereus is virtually worthless; while true Trichocereus Peruvianus are rare & valuable specimens.
Here is my Cereus flowering on May 29, 2005. I harvested the cutting from a plant in Lockeport, CA in 2004 and rooted it over the winter.

This is a common ornamental cactus that grows very large.
(below) Cereus is noted for its flat ribs. The rubbery flower stalk is long, the flower red/pink. Trichocereus have hairy buds that form flower stalks and white flowers.

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