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This is why we will not ship to your "UNCONFIRMED" PayPal address.
Yes, you can thank Nick Palinkas!
Nick Palinkasdeadbeat
Mic Checkers Records, 254 Oakwood Drive, Shoreview, MN 55126
Nick Palinkas, PayPal fraud! We sent an order to an "Unconfirmed" PayPal address. The funds were cancelled, 13 days later, reminding us why you never ship to an "Unconfirmed" addresses (It voids PayPal seller protection policy). So when we decline your sale and you ask "why?" —its because of this deadbeat—Nick Palinkas!
(above) See? 13 days after the sale the funds turned out to be bogus. Having shipped to an unconfirmed address means the PayPal "Seller Protection" policy is void. So Nick Palinkas got a free ebay shipment. Does he care? With zero feedback why should he?
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