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Practical Hoodia experience
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The $ Scam!
Hoodia Pilifera,
NOT Gordonii
"Collectors can't
tell them apart"
How to identify?
Cross pollinated?
Growing in a
flower pot.
Seed still
costs pennies.
Facts about
the scam.

"...the plant was never near dryness. It grew and grew, without sign of rot."
From the website of Jakob Baran:

"After frost danger had passed, I moved it to full sun. When spring came, the plant, with three stems no more than 10cm tall, went into a 20cm pot. When the weather warmed up a bit more (nights 20c) I soaked the plant and held my breath.

Well, not for long... within two days the tips of the stems showed bright green in the cracks between the tubercles and the plant started growing. I had not seen this before in the almost 3 years I'd owned the plant. Not wanting to push my luck, I let it dry out to avoid rot. When it dried out the bright green went away and the plant stopped growing."

"Over the next few weeks, as the temperatures rose to our normal summer heat, I shortened the watering intervals until the plant was never near dryness. It grew and grew, without sign of rot. I started fertilizing and it grew faster. Being in the full sun it stayed nice and tight. By the end of the season it had over a dozen stems."

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