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The $ Scam!
Hoodia Pilifera,
NOT Gordonii
"Collectors can't
tell them apart"
How to identify?
Cross pollinated?
Growing in a
flower pot.
Seed still
costs pennies.
Facts about
the scam.

Facts of note from this document:
• Collectors can't tell one Hoodia from another by simple appearance
• Hoodia are endangered plants damaged in the wild from over harvesting
• Hoodia Gordonii is the only plant licensed for export—is that why it is so hyped?
• Several Hoodia varieties have the same appetite suppressing property
• Hoodia gordonii is NOT the "only true Hoodia" in the diet scam!
  Species and varieties. There are many forms of this plant, a few being:
Hoodia albispina, Hoodia alstonii, Hoodia annulata, Hoodia bainii, Hoodia bainii var. juttae, Hoodia barklyi, Hoodia burkei, Hoodia cactiformis, Hoodia colei, Hoodia currorii ssp. currorii, Hoodia currorii ssp. lugardii, Hoodia currorii var. minor, Hoodia delaetiana, Hoodia dinteri, Hoodia dregei, Hoodia felina, Hoodia flava, Hoodia foetida, Hoodia genilis, Hoodia gibbosa, Hoodia gordonii [The official name is Hoodia gordonii (Masson) Sweet ex Decne. [2] The plant was originally described twice: first by Sweet in 1830 and then by Masson, who named it Stapelia gordonii. As the description by Sweet is the older one, it has priority, and the name Stapelia is thus not valid.]
Hoodia grandis, Hoodia haagnerae, Hoodia husabensis, Hoodia juttae, Hoodia langii, Hoodia longispina, Hoodia lugardii, Hoodia macrantha, Hoodia marlothii, Hoodia meloformis, Hoodia montana, Hoodia mossamedensis, Hoodia officinalis ssp. delaetiana, Hoodia officinalis ssp. officinalis, Hoodia parviflora, Hoodia pedicellata, Hoodia perlata, Hoodia picta, Hoodia pilifera ssp. annulata, Hoodia pilifera ssp. pilifera, Hoodia pilifera ssp. pillansii, Hoodia pillansi, Hoodia rosea, Hoodia ruschii (Queen of the Namib), Hoodia rustica, Hoodia senilis, Hoodia similis, Hoodia sociarum, Hoodia tirasmontana, Hoodia triebneri, Hoodia whitesloaneana.

The use of Hoodia has been long known by the indigenous populations of Southern Africa, ...the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) isolated the ingredient in hoodia (now known as P57) responsible for this appetite-suppressant effect ..."


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