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Hoodia Pilifera, NOT Gordonii
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The $ Scam!
Hoodia Pilifera,
NOT Gordonii
"Collectors can't
tell them apart"
How to identify?
Cross pollinated?
Growing in a
flower pot.
Seed still
costs pennies.
Facts about
the scam.

Hoodia Pilifera, NOT Gordonii
Read this yourself and learn the truth. It was Hoodia Pilifera, not Hoodia Gordonii that was originally identified as an appetite suppressant.

But you will learn, if you research instead of believing the $scammers$, that the African natives used many Hoodia varieties.

Hoodia Macrantha, Hoodia Ruschii, Hoodia Pilifera, etc. are just as good; so why did scammers obsess on Gordonii? Because it grows in southern Africa, grows in large populations and is widely available for trade.

My theory is that it was too confusing to try to tell customers about Hoodia alstonii, Hoodia bainii, Hoodia currorii, Hoodia delaetiana, Hoodia dregei, Hoodia flava, Hoodia Gordonii, Hoodia husabensis, Hoodia juttae, Hoodia lugardii (now Hoodia currori subsp. lugardi), Hoodia macrantha, Hoodia pilifera (formerly Trichocaulon piliferum), Hoodia officinale (formerly Trichocaulon officinale), Hoodia parviflora, Hoodia pedicellata, Hoodia pretnar, Hoodia rosea, Hoodia ruschii and Hoodia triebneri when all you had to do was pick one name.
Hoodia currorii, Hoodia flava, Hoodia lugardii, Hoodia officinale &
Hoodia pilifera are all known appetite suppressing varieties of Hoodia

Read the text at right to see for yourself that it was Hooida pilifera that was used by African natives as an appetite suppressant.

Wake up and stop the "Hoodia gordonii" scam.

Immature little Hoodia plants grown in your house are like trying to grow a coffee tree in your living room with the hope of one day making your own espresso from it!

I will not perpetuate that scam. I will not take money from people who think they are buying a "Miracle Diet Cactus".

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