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Old stumps grow new tips
Container plants can be tip breeders
You can harvest tips from old stumps to make new plants. The stumps, if properly cared for, will rebud to grow a new set of tips. Yes; God is good, nature is bountiful.

If you use common dirt in these containers you will have bad experiences. If you do not replenish the top layer of soil with fresh compost regularly, may God have mercy on your plants.
Plastic tubs are $4.99 to about $8 at Wal*Mart, Target, etc. Get are 19 to 25 gallon sizes—perfect for large San Pedro specimens. Drill about 8 holes, 1/2" diameter, in the bottom for drainage. Fill with potting soil described on the Soil Mix page. If you don't use 50% perlite in containers, as I recommend, may God help you. If you don't understand, then you just don't understand.
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